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About Your Host –Fawna

Brewing Tea

Fawna is a practicing Eclectic Wiccan, who has been studying witchcraft since she was 18 years old. She started out working with crystals, pendulums, and from there her research continued. She loves her cat, tea, her coven, and learning new things!

Attuned in 1st Degree Reiki in 2013

Attuned in 2nd Degree Reiki in 2015

Her goal for the podcast is to explore popular "witchy" topics, the basics of Eclectic Wicca, and to build a community who love magic (magick).

Disclaimer: The host does not consider herself an expert in any of the topics that will be talked about in the podcast. She is continuing to expand her knowledge about the craft as a life long goal to reach emotional and spiritual growth! The podcast is also for educational and entertainment purposes only, and will not provide medial or legal advice.

Areas covered include:

Basics of Modern Witchcraft





Expending Knowledge on new topics



Inner Growth and Spiritual Development 

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